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The Scout (2009)

While boy and girl scouts camp outside an ancient temple for the lunar eclipse, Dr. Yamamura has disguised himself as an archaeologist to find the temple’s lost treasure. The scouts, hearing campfire stories of the legendary god who protects the temple, decide to go on their own treasure hunt. Inside, they find the entrance to a winding tunnel that has magically appeared above an altar. On the other side of the tunnel, they encounter another dimension in which the archaeologist has been seemingly trapped for weeks. The scouts must find their way out of the parallel universe and back to the real world, but first they have a once in a lifetime chance to discover the legendary treasure! ??Golden Network AsiaAwards: 1 nominationBudget: $2,000,000 (estimated)Worldwide Gross: $11,424Pleo SirisuwanApisarit Adisasurarak, Weerayoot Kaengkan, Rimpawe Krueangsai2009-05-14 (Thailand)tt1431169

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Genre: Adventure