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Tenet (2020)

In a twilight world of international espionage, an unnamed CIA operative, known as The Protagonist, is recruited by a mysterious organization called Tenet to participate in a global assignment that unfolds beyond real time. The mission: prevent Andrei Sator, a renegade Russian oligarch with precognition abilities, from starting World War III. The Protagonist will soon master the art of “time inversion” as a way of countering the threat that is to come. ??jesusblack-91294Awards: 46 wins & 134 nominations totalBudget: $205,000,000 (estimated)Worldwide Gross: $363,656,624Soundtrack: The Plan (Written by Travis Scott (as Jacques Webster), Wonda Gurl (as Ebony Naomi Oshunrinde) and Ludwig Göransson)Christopher NolanJohn David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki2020-09-03 (United States, United Kingdom)tt6723592

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Genre: Sci-fi