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Spiral (Uzumaki) (2000)

In a small town in Japan, Kirie comes upon her boyfriend’s father silently videotaping a snail. He seems unaware of her presence and she thinks no more of it. Later, the mans obsession with spirals becomes more and more bizarre, ending in his suicide in a washing machine which turn his body into a spiral. Soon other inhabitants become possesed with different forms of spirals, one student seems to be mutating into a snail, another’s hair becomes strangely medusa-like. The entire town becomes possesed. ??Fred Cabral Budget: $1,000,000 (estimated)Soundtrack: Raven (Performed by Do As Infinity)HiguchinskyEriko Hatsune, Fhi Fan, Hinako Saeki2000-02-11 (Japan)tt0244870

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Genre: Horror