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Oppai Volleyball (Oppai barê) (2009)

What induces a bunch of unmotivated and lazy loaf-about students to step up their game and begin competing? Why, the teacher’s breasts of course. When the ultra-cute Terashima Mikako (Haruka Ayase) is assigned as the advisor for the Boys’ Volleyball Club she finds a group of boys who not only don’t have sufficient numbers to form a volleyball team to even begin practicing, but also that they have neither played a match nor even care to. What would make the difference to these young men? Giving them what they want to see. ??aghaemiAwards: 1 win & 1 nominationWorldwide Gross: $5,231,897Eiichirô HasumiHaruka Ayase, Munetaka Aoki, Tôru Nakamura2009-04-18 (Japan)tt1399210

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Genre: Comedy