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No Doubt (Dol-i-kil soo eobs-neun) (2010)

A family moves into the suburbs of Gyunggi-do. A while later a girl named Mi-rim goes missing and chaos takes over the village. Mi-rim’s father searches for his daughter and while visiting the police station he stumbles upon a criminal record from one of the family members that just moved. Mi-rim’s father and the villagers threaten and pacify Sejin and his family. The film follows the genre conventions of a thriller yet it also contains people’s prejudices and oppression. Sejin’s past record as a convict rids him of his individuality and his sister is on the brink of losing her job as a kindergarten teacher. The film questions what is true violence. The result, violence does not just include person to person, but can be silent brought on by a community that leads to a sacrifice of an individual. Such is the typical mechanism, murdering individuality through the violence of a group. ??LEE Sang-yongAwards: 1 nominationWorldwide Gross: $394,485Soo-young Park, Soo-Young ParkHo-geun Bae, Bo-geun Cheon, Jung-woo Choi2010-11-04 (South Korea)tt1964665

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