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Godzilla vs. Biollante (Gojira vs. Biorante) (1989)

After the devastation of Godzilla’s resurgence, a miniature arms race ensues to collect his cells. The cells are obtained by the middle eastern nation of Saradia, where geneticist Genichiro Shiragami is tasked to study them. However, the cells are sought by various groups leading to a terrorist attack that kills Dr. Shiragami’s daughter Erika. As Shiragami retreats into isolation, the Japanese government sets it’s sights on developing a bio weapon countermeasure against Godzilla should the monster ever be freed from its volcanic tomb. They enlist the aid of Dr. Shiragami, who’s experiments result in a monstrous new mutation. ??Todd A. Bobenrieth Awards: 2 winsBudget: $5,000,000 (estimated)Kazuki Ohmori, Koji Hashimoto, Kenjirô OhmoriKunihiko Mitamura, Yoshiko Tanaka, Masanobu Takashima1989-12-16 (Japan)tt0097444

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Genre: Horror