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Blood and Money (Allagash) (2020)

An old lonely guy living in his fancy truck camper is well known to the locals in this Maine village in the winter. Even to all the rangers of the remote forests he likes to hunt in. He goes out with his rifle for one last buck, but accidentally shoots someone moving around in the trees. He fearfully goes back to the ranger station and then to town only to see the news of a casino heist with dangerous armed assailants on the loose, including the person he shot. But there is also more than a million dollars missing. He goes back to the body and that’s when things get nasty. ??kctjordanBudget: $475,000 (estimated)John BarrTom Berenger, Kristen Hager, Paul Ben-Victor2020-10-16 (United States)tt9248110

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Genre: Thriller