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A Snake of June (Rokugatsu no hebi) (2002)

Rinku is a suicide-prevention counselor, living with her husband Shigehiko. He’s older than she, scrubbing things constantly, sexually indifferent. They sleep apart. During Tokyo’s rainy season, Iguchi, a photographer Rinku has counseled by phone, sends her pictures he has taken through her skylight: she’s wearing a short skirt, masturbating. He offers her the negatives if she’ll follow his instructions. She’s humiliated and agrees. He tells her he’s only giving her license to express her inner desires. He sends her into the night to walk on the wild side. Then, she asks a favor of him, and soon her husband receives phone calls and photographs. Where will this triangle lead? Awards: 5 wins & 2 nominationsShin’ya TsukamotoAsuka Kurosawa, Yûji Kôtari, Shin’ya Tsukamoto2003-06-13 (Japan)tt0330904

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Genre: Thriller